Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pay It Forward

You don't need to change someone's life to make their day a little brighter! This weekend I decided to "Pay it Forward" and leave a deserving server a $100 tip. 

The act of paying it forward is fun to do every once and while.  Sure it cost me $100 this time, but the thrill of doing something nice and unexpected for an unsuspecting stranger is a great way to show others that there is still kindness in this world and that people are still generous out there.  I think we could all use a little unexpected kindness every once in a awhile. 

Here are some other simple ways to show acts of kindness to pay it forward today...

 - Put a quarter in a meter that's about to expire
 - Buy a meal for a homeless person (or give him/her your leftovers from a restaurant)
 - Offer to do pro bono work
 - Mentor someone
 - Make a donation
 - When leaving a foreign country give your left over currency to a local
 - Tip street musicians
 - Let someone cut in front of you in line
 - Hold a door open
 - Smile at strangers
 - Spend time with the elderly
 - Spend time with children
 - Give up your seat for someone in need
 - Give blood
 - Volunteer
 - Show respect equally to all

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