Monday, November 7, 2011

New Escape

I was never one to keep a diary.  I never felt the need to pen my thoughts and emotions unless it was in a letter or card to family, friends or loved ones.  The closest I have ever come to expressing myself in the written form is within a journal I keep of quotes, essays, poems and songs.  For the most part, with a few exceptions, nothing in that journal comes from my heart; however, everything I put in there explains how I feel or have felt at one time.  If you want to truly know the person that I am, that journal, that I hold very sacred, expresses it all. 
Even though I still keep that journal, and still plan to write in it, I have found the desire to have another outlet for me to express myself.   Thus the reason to why I have started this blog.  I want a place I can escape to, a place where I can open my heart and freely write what I am feeling.  I want a place to be creative, a place where I can share my ideas.  I also want a place to be random minded, a place where I don’t feel so cluttered.  
I look forward to getting to know myself better.
Much Love,
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