Tuesday, April 29, 2014

They see me rollin'

You know you want to do it too.  Every time you see the mall cop riding around on one, you secretly want to ride it too.  When you see one unattended, you know you have a crazy "devil on your shoulder" moment that makes you want to steal it.  The question is though when you want to ride one where do you do it?  Every major city has the Segway Tours, but that just seems embarrassing.  Well I sucked it up, I went on a Segway Tour in my own city.  Luckily the tour was just Trevor and myself, so we told our guide we really didn't need the tour notes, so we just cruised.

We obviously had to stop for good photo ops though.  Like the one above in front of the Capital and the city skyline below. Side note, I love me city!

So the next time you feel like doing something fun and random on a Sunday afternoon, go on a Segway Tour of your own city!  On to our next helmeted adventure!

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