Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I Love Him

Look at me two blog posts in two days!!!

You know how they always say the internet is FOR-EH-VER (must be said in Sandlot tone)? Well in my case I truly hope it is! I want my blog to be a type of time capsule for myself, my friends and family, and especially my son.  I can only hope that one day he will look back on this blog and smile and say to himself "I am loved!" That he will look past those embarrassing moments, that I know I will be the cause of, and realize that he had a mother that loved him to no ends. To help boost this embarrassment I want to tell him exactly how much I love him and what I love about him at this list fashion!

  • I love his little personality
  • I love the little pitter patter of his feet when he runs on our wood floors
  • I love sweeping his long hair away from his eyes
  • I love the way he plays with my fingers when he is falling asleep
  • I love the way he wraps his arms around the back of my knees
  • I love his soft touch
  • I love his soft skin
  • I love when he sits in my lap to read a book and put on his shoes
  • I love those gorgeous brown/grey eyes
  • I love the cleft in his chin
  • I love how much he loves to swing
  • I love how much he loves his dogs
  • I love his scream
  • I love his laugh
  • I love that his thighs are his most ticklish spot
  • I love how much he loves to talk
  • I love those blonde locks
  • I love that he loves food
  • I love watching him while he sleeps
  • I love how he falls asleep in his daddy's arms
  • I love his outie bellybutton
  • I love his long little fingers
  • I love his love for the outdoors
  • I love his curious mind
  • I love every milestone he has
  • I love when he falls asleep on my shoulder
  • I love that he prefers to be pantless at all times
  • I love how he sings himself to sleep
  • I love all the little noises he makes
  • I love how he talks to the boy in the mirror
  • I love he has a love for books
  • I love this boy to the moon and back!
I could go on and on about all the things I love about this boy, but I will save the rest for another day and another embarrassing moment!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

One Fish...Two Fish...

My Baby Boy is ONE!!!!

Graham had a party suited for any Dr. Seuss fan, such as myself and him.  We read his Dr. Seuss collection everyday, he owns them all!

I had fun making all his birthday decorations and treats for his party.

For party favors I had Dr. Seuss pencils, bookmarks, rulers, bubbles, and puppets for all the kids who attended to make their own buckets of goodies to take.  The party favor bar was a hit!

The whole party was a hit and most all of all Graham had fun playing with all his friends. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pottery & Willow

Look at me posting twice in one month! I know its shocking! To top off the shock and awe, I am posting my ninth anniversary present only one day after my anniversary. Happy Anniversary to me!


Throw and DVD

For the past nine years I have given Trevor only gifts from the "traditional" list of anniversary presents.  There might be a year in upcoming years that I am unable to give him from this list and have to cross over to the modern gifts, but I would love to stick with the traditional list if I can.  On the traditional list some years there are multiple presents  to give.  Most years I have only given one or the other, our fourth anniversary was the only other time in which I gave him both fruit and flowers.

Instead of giving him something made from Willow wood (which by the way, what is made of Willow wood?) and a potted plant, he got the DVD Willow and the manliest throw one could find from PotteryBarn.  There was a slight problem with wrapping up Willow and giving it to him though, this being the fact that we already owned the movie.  Tell me how crappy of a wife would I be if I wrapped up something we already owned and tried to pass it off as a new gift???  So I didn't wrap up the movie and we turned the night into a stay at home date.

In true coordinating fashion I made a themed dinner for our movie watching pleasure.  In this house we watch Willow while eating miniature burgers and miniature pizza, with a side of littl' smokies and a dessert with miniature cheesecakes.  I know, I know, I should have made miniature Brownies instead. 

It was a perfect night with my man cuddled up on the couch in his new throw watching a movie.  Until next year...

Hopefully that won't be my next post!

Friday, April 15, 2016


I thought I was bad when I was pregnant about updating this little blog of mine...little did I know!!!  Here we go again with another update on updates, I still haven't post my Eighth Anniversary present.  After looking at the most traffic I get from Pinterest my anniversary present ideas get the most hits. So with my ninth anniversary only six days away...


Bronzer, with a trip to the Beach

I have decided that there is no better feeling than being pregnant in a bikini, no need to suck in! I was seven months pregnant with Graham when I decided this was the best time to take a six hour road trip to the beach (not the best idea I've ever had).  

A few days before our anniversary I wrapped up this bottle of bronzing tanning oil and gave it to Trevor and told him not to make any plans for the upcoming weekend because we were off to the beach! So, did he use the oil? As a matter of's still sealed and in our bathroom closet, apparently he doesn't like the George Hamilton look!

Texas beaches aren't the best, but they do for a little weekend get away with the hounds and our first "vacation" as a family of three.

Even though it was an overcast weekend these two didn't care, as always water is there favorite place to be.  

All and all looking back on this trip a year later it was a prefect anniversary get away equipped with dogs running into crashing waves, sand everywhere, and sunburns with tan lines I still have!

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