Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When in Maryland...

FREE PLANE TICKETS...sign me up!  I did just that when a little over a year ago I entered a raffle at a small town fair and low and behold I actually won!  I never win sweepstakes or raffles so I was floored when I got the phone call I actually had won.  A part of me still didn't believe it and thought that there was some type of stipulation until our flights were booked. 

We decided to use the tickets to go back to Maryland to visit Trevor's family.  I had only been to Maryland one time prior to visit and that was when Trevor proposed back in 2005.  This was a very relaxed vacation and we were able to see a lot of family which is always a good time.

We flew into Baltimore and our first stop off the plane was to Philips in the inner harbor so Trevor could eat crabs!  My theory on the matter for this non seafood eater is "When in a chicken salad!" More crabs for Trevor I guess.
We enjoyed walking around the inner harbor and getting in some good people watching since there was an Anime convention in town.  It's not everyday you run into Spiderman and Pokémon is the same place!
The beautiful rolling hills of Maryland.

A trip to Maryland is never complete without a trip to The Carriage House Bake Shop for pepperoni rolls.  We ended up going twice and ate all 2 dozen of them that we bought.  I think we have a problem!
We spent some time with a couple of Trevor's cousins and went to Tarara Winery in Virginia for a concert on the lawn.   
We made our way into Arlington and Washington, DC for an afternoon and spent some time in the city.  We didn't do all the tourist sites this time since we had been around to all the monuments in a previous trip to DC.
My "civil war buff" father was so proud that we made our way up to Gettysburg one day as well.  However, he didn't quite understand how we were able to see everything in only a couple hours. Apparently his prior trip to Gettysburg was a two day affair, which isn't hard to believe considering my father.  As a child I spent countless hours roaming battlefields with my family and my father basically taking over the tour guides job.
I had a great trip to Maryland and was able to enjoy some relaxed time with family.
Onto my next adventure...


  1. I'm always very skeptical of those kind of prizes as well. They usually require you to sit through some pyramid scheme or time share thing for 8 hours when you get to your destination and are blacked out all but two days a year lol That's so great yours was actually legit! It sound like you had a great trip! Even though I'm really not that far from Maryland living in northern Pennsylvania, I've never been. Perhaps I should add that to my list of things to do next summer along with picking up some of those pepperoni balls. I love a good pepperoni ball! :)

  2. I would highly recommend a trip to Maryland! When you do go you must stop for the pepperoni rolls, they are a must.


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