Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Amanda Trip

I have come to the decision that your best road trip partner by far is your best friend.  With that said, The Amanda's conquered New Orleans and Destin this year!

Jamming to Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline and Boston's Amanda, The Amanda's (my best friend, Amanda and I) made our way to Destin, Florida.  With no better pit stop, we stayed one day and one night in NOLA.
We had to have a snack at Café Du Monde for their glorious beignets.
Score! Found apart of mine and Trevor's Halloween costume...Hipster glasses!
And at Pat O'Brien's the night began....
After the NOLA Ant Pile Incident (no comment) we started the next day out to Destin. Not only was this a road trip with my best friend, it was also a trip to visit my cousin in Pensacola.  I have decided that having a cousin the lives 20 minutes from Destin is the best thing EVER!  
We spent one day in Pensacola on the beach and on a boat (with our flippy floppies) and the next day we spent in Destin.
Hey's 3:44pm and OU Still SUCKS!!!!!
Onto my next Girl-Cation adventure...


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