Monday, June 9, 2014

Keeping Up With My Correspondence

It makes me sad to think that letter writing is becoming a dying art form in our modern technology age.  I can recall being a young kid lying on my bed and writing letters to my best friends and family; letting them know all about school, dance classes, and how my summer was going.  It's sad to think that we as adults are so busy in life that we can't take a few minutes out of our day to take pen to paper and just let someone know we are thinking of them or love them. 

In writing each letter to someone I felt their sense of joy they would get when they saw a hand written letter in the mail, in the shuffle of bills and junk mail.  To me there are a handful of moments in life that bring sheer joy, things like a warm towel or hot chocolate on a cold day or getting a hand written letter in the mail.  In my quest to write thirty letters to friends and family I was originally hoping to make other people feel special, but what I did was make myself feel loved when I realized I have so many friends and family to be able to write letters to.

After sending out my 30 letters I realized this is something I don't want to do just once because I put it on a list of things to accomplish, this is something I want to keep up.  Because who doesn't love feeling special!


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