Friday, May 9, 2014

I can do the splits!

After a lot of stretching and flexibility I did it, I did the splits again!  I had to stretch really far to the back of my pantry to fetch the chocolate syrup and I had to be flexible to the fact that I don't own banana split bowls, that everyday owns will have to work.  

What was going through my mind when I decided to add this to my list?  I don't think that anyone over the age of thirty is capable of doing the splits.  Well maybe Betsy Johnson, kudos to you Betsy!  Doing the splits is just no longer in the cards for me, and I am completely fine with that.  So I did the other splits, the only ones I know how to, the delicious banana kind that is!

Look how talented I am.  That's me doing the splits again! The Hubs also has some mad talent as well, look at those picture taking skills!

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