Friday, April 22, 2016

Pottery & Willow

Look at me posting twice in one month! I know its shocking! To top off the shock and awe, I am posting my ninth anniversary present only one day after my anniversary. Happy Anniversary to me!


Throw and DVD

For the past nine years I have given Trevor only gifts from the "traditional" list of anniversary presents.  There might be a year in upcoming years that I am unable to give him from this list and have to cross over to the modern gifts, but I would love to stick with the traditional list if I can.  On the traditional list some years there are multiple presents  to give.  Most years I have only given one or the other, our fourth anniversary was the only other time in which I gave him both fruit and flowers.

Instead of giving him something made from Willow wood (which by the way, what is made of Willow wood?) and a potted plant, he got the DVD Willow and the manliest throw one could find from PotteryBarn.  There was a slight problem with wrapping up Willow and giving it to him though, this being the fact that we already owned the movie.  Tell me how crappy of a wife would I be if I wrapped up something we already owned and tried to pass it off as a new gift???  So I didn't wrap up the movie and we turned the night into a stay at home date.

In true coordinating fashion I made a themed dinner for our movie watching pleasure.  In this house we watch Willow while eating miniature burgers and miniature pizza, with a side of littl' smokies and a dessert with miniature cheesecakes.  I know, I know, I should have made miniature Brownies instead. 

It was a perfect night with my man cuddled up on the couch in his new throw watching a movie.  Until next year...

Hopefully that won't be my next post!

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