Thursday, August 7, 2014

Copper and Candy

I am apparently horrible at remembering to update my anniversary presents on my blog.  Yet  here I am again 3 months after my anniversary and just now posting this years gift. 

I originally thought this years gift would be easy, the seventh anniversary is the gift of copper or candy.  However, what was I really going to get Trevor?  Candy was too easy and I'm not too sure how much he would appreciate a vase with pennies glued on it or for that matter a roll of copper wire. However, that's when the light bulb went off...copper wire! 

 Surround Sound and Wire
A few months back Trevor and I started talking about getting a new surround sound/receiver for our house.  We wanted to have more channels on it for the purpose of being able to have outdoor speakers as well.  This present wasn't my normal surprise. I had to tell Trevor that we were going to go shopping together for it because I have idea what makes one receiver better than another besides price.
Now to begin the hunt for something wool or bronze!

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