Friday, July 11, 2014

My Honeysuckle Days

"Redesign is a death sentence...No it's not, it's a chance to have some fun!" If only I had a fruit roll up right now. So I might watch too many chick flicks!

After spending more time on my blog lately I began to realize it didn't feel like me.  What was Huckleberries and Heels anyways?  I'm not a big Mark Twain fan and blueberries are ok; however, if the 1990's Val Kilmer asked I would be his Huckleberry!  There I go again with the movie references.  Then the "Heels" part, I do appreciate a good pair of heels, I do own too many to count, and I'm always wearing them, but they don't define who I am.  So my question to myself became, what does define me?  That's still a question that I don't know how to answer but I started thinking how do I relate me as a person to my blog.  Well I have never defined my blog, it's not a fashion blog, it's not a decorating blog, and it's not a how to turn a paper clip and toilet paper roll into art blog either. My blog is just me, simple as that.

Then came the hard part, figuring out a new name! I stumbled upon this song and video by Jessi Alexander called Honeysuckle Sweet.

This song and video fit me to a "T."  I can't begin to imagine how many times day dreams take me back to Mulberry Drive eating the honeysuckle that grew in my back yard in the summer months as a kid.  Those are the times to cherish, the innocent sweet days of childhood.  Those are the days I want to create for myself as an adult, those Honeysuckle Days!

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