Thursday, July 3, 2014

30 Before Thirty ENDS!

So I may not have completed all adventures in my 30 before Thirty list...oops!  Even so, this isn't going to stop me from completing them, thus the reason I now am working on my 30 before Thirty ENDS list! 

As for an update these are the few items I have completed and the ones I still have left to complete.

1. Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey
2. See a Bear in the wild - I am giving this a half strike since I technically did not see one!
3. Skydive
4. Leave a $100 tip to a deserving waiter/waitress
5. Take a dance class
6. Take an art class
7. Be brave...Go Dark!!!
8. Travel Internationally to somewhere that's not Canada (it's been 3 years)
9. Get a real Christmas Tree
10. Replace all IKEA furniture
11. Try 30 new foods - I only have two more foods to eat off my original list seen here
12. Go to a UT Football Game
13. Find a Fabulous LBD
14. Cook through a cookbook (Gluten is my Bitch: April Peveteaux)
15. Get a Palm Reading
16. Be able to do the splits again
17. Build a Bear!
18. Learn to drive a stick shift
19. Bake a cake
20. Write and mail 30 letters
21. Watch all 6 Star Wars in a row
22. Ride a Segway
23. Go Paintballing
24. Change the oil in my car
25. Skinny dip in the ocean
26. Go to an Opera
27. Sew a quilt - well finish it to be exact
28. Run a race
29. Blog my 30 Before 30 List, with pictures detailing each adventure
30. Celebrate my last night of my 20s in style!  - Or by jumping out of an airplane!


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