Thursday, February 13, 2014

I changed the oil in my car...and it still runs!

This was the first time I ever changed the oil in a car, and it still runs! It's not just this car that I have never changed the oil in, but this is the FIRST car I have ever changed the oil.  I can recall being a little girl and looking under the hoods of cars with my father as he would fixed them.  My dad is a mechanic and he would always explain to me what he was doing, how he was doing it, and the mechanics of what was going on.  He still does this to this day.  Because of my dad, I have a really good understanding of the mechanics of a car, but I could not fix one to save my life.

This past weekend I suited up in proper attire, got under the hood, and got dirty while changing the oil in my car...with my hubs assistance!

Now you know who to call when you need an oil change!


1 comment:

  1. Good job Amanda! I think this proves that you may also have mechanic genes running through your veins. Haha! Never underestimate yourself. Anyone can do anything as long as he or she puts her heart in it, and look, you just did! Great job! :D

    Kenny Isbell @ Apache Oil Company


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