Monday, August 26, 2013

My first Palm Reading

I’ve always wanted a palm reading, but not out of some deep desire to know what my future holds.  Mainly my curiosity is intrigue.  The psychics themselves intrigue me; are there really supernatural powers out there that people possess that are able to give them insight into other people lives?  Or are they just really good at reading people and their body language?  Perhaps my fascination is a product of growing up on too many episodes of “Unsolved Mysteries.”

A friend of mine joined me this weekend as I had my first palm reading experience. I timidly admitted that I never had a reading done to the medium.  As a result she offered my friend and myself a palm reading as well as a tarot card reading. 

My reading was about twenty minutes in length, which included both the tarot and the palm reading.  I didn’t flinch at any revelations.  In fact, I found most of everything she said to me to be nothing new to me, there was nothing too insightful, and no goosebumps. 

After my first tarot and palm reading I am reminded to never underestimate what happens when we sit still long enough to realize the answers are already out there and within us. We just have to be quiet and open enough to hear them.

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