Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Real vs. Fake

The Christmas of 1985 was the last year my parents had a real Christmas tree, I was a year and a half old. So for me growing up as a child I grew up with artificial Christmas trees.  Stored in the box it was bought in  and kept in the attic, the tree made its appearance every Christmas.  As a family we fluffed, we lit, and we decorated our store bought tree; that's the tradition I know and that I've followed, until this year!

This year The Husband and I made the drive to our local Christmas Tree farm to chop down my first real Christmas Tree.  Prepared with saw in hand (no Griswald re-enactment here) we searched, we kept searching, and we searched some more.  Since growing up with an artificial tree my expectations have been unrealistically set. There is no such thing as a perfect real Christmas tree.  I guess that's one reason why artificial trees have been produced for the mass market.

I don't recall seeing the clouds part and lights shining down or hearing the angels sing the Hallelujah chorus, but we did find her! Yes, it's a her!

Why there is no crystal clear answers to the age old question of real vs. fake, this year I love my real Christmas tree!

Much Love,

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