Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Waking up in Paradise

As my 29th birthday was approaching I realized I had not accomplished as many things on my 30 Before Thirty list as I would have liked to by this point. I did feel a little better though knowing that the week of my birthday I would be marking a couple things off the list, one of which was a much needed vacation!  On Friday, June 7th the Hubs and I jetted off to Trinidad and Tobago!  An island in the Caribbean...that's not in  Canada! Nothing against Canada, I have just been there too many times in the past few years.

We stayed a little over a week in Tobago, which was beyond beautiful and relaxing.  Trinidad and Tobago was the perfect Caribbean islands for us; they are off the beaten path and not overwhelmed with tourism, which is how we like to travel.  No chocolate on my pillow for this girl, instead I had beetles landing on my pillow in the middle of the night! That's part of the adventure right? 

"In the morning you will wake up in paradise," at least that's what the property manager of the cottage we stayed at said the night he dropped us off after picking us up from the airport.  I think he was right!  This was our view every morning of Englishman's Bay.

We took a boat out one day and went down the west side of the Island.  We went fishing and went snorkeling in a couple of the bays along the island.  We stopped at Paradise Bay and cooked our fish on the beach.
Enjoying my new camera on the boat ride

Happy Birthday to Me!  On my Birthday we spent the day at three different beaches swimming and relaxing.  I would have to say it was pretty perfect to spend my birthday in the Caribbean! The above Jetty is at Pigeon Point.
Beach #2 of Caribbean Birthday relaxing was Mount Irvine Beach.  We weren't the only ones relaxing and sleeping on the beach :)
Beach #3 of Caribbean Birthday relaxing was Englishman's Bay.  Here we watched the sunset on a perfect Birthday!

I went in for a little dip in my Birthday Suit on my Birthday! This would be the second thing I checked off my 30 Before Thirty list! :)

While in Tobago we also hiked around in the Rain Forest on Gilpin Trail.  It was a beautiful Rain Forest with lots of birds and waterfalls.

We also hiked up a river in Bloody Bay one day.  It was a little ironic due to the fact that after the hike in Bloody Bay I came out of it Bloody.  I slipped and busted my knee open, oops!

We also made our way into Trinidad one day and walked around Port of Spain.  We found a local street market and tried out some of the local street food.  One of my favorite parts about traveling to different countries is experiencing the local cuisine and street foods.

Until our next adventure...


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