Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anniversary Gifts by Year

April 21, 2007...The day I married Trevor!  As our first anniversary approached us the following year I already knew what I was going to get him, well kind of.  I have always known that every anniversary has a traditional gift to give your spouse and I knew that I wanted to follow the traditional anniversary gifts as long as I could, and I have.

I will admit there is one slight issue with giving the traditional anniversary's not easy.  I'm not sure how old the list is, but it doesn't tell you exactly what to go buy.  If only the list was a little more straight forward and it said TV, new bike, or what my husband is thinking but won't tell me (now that would be helpful). Instead it has things like cotton, leather, and wood; what am I supposed to do with that?  Luckily I have a year to think about these things! The list of traditional and modern anniversary gifts can be found HERE.

As my sixth anniversary is fast approaching I thought I would share the last five years of anniversary gifts I have given my husband.


Plane Tickets and Pictures

We knew that we wanted to go on a trip for our first anniversary so we purchased tickets to Costa Rica.  We spent two weeks backpacking the country, it was an awesome trip.  Nowadays though you don't get paper tickets any more, so I threw in a little something else...I took abstract pictures of my husbands work truck and printed them out and framed them.

Zip Lining in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Beach Manuel Antonio
Pictures I took for the Hubs


Concert tickets wrapped in a T-Shirt

What in the world do you buy a man that is made of cotton? Especially that could be an anniversary present! This one took some thinking.  I purchased concert tickets to one of my husbands favorite bands that was coming to town and wrapped them in the bands t-shirt.


Baseball and Baseball Tickets

If only we would have gotten married in October or November...FOOTBALL!!! I still love baseball though, it's America's favorite pastime, and games are always fun to go to.


Boudoir Photography

Instead of being literal with this anniversary I spiced it up a bit! I took Boudoir photos that incorporated fruit and flowers into them.  (Photography by the wonderful Sherry Hammonds)


and Flowers!


Tree and Wood Coupon Book

Due to a bad drought we had the previous year our magnolia tree we planted the first year we bought our house ended up dying.  So this anniversary worked out perfect for me when I went and bought a Chinese Pistache and had it planted in our back yard.  Hanging around the tree I also made a wooden coupon book for the Hubs with things like dinner of his choice, a free massage, etc. 


*Nice try Trevor*

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