Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Me Time!


This is something I often forget.  I forget that at one point in time I liked to write and that I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Now that my son is 15 months old I feel that I should be taking time for myself and doing things that I love.  I think a lot of new moms forget this.  I definitely did!

I think I was kidding myself all along when I was telling myself that I was taking time for me.  I'm not sure how I fooled myself.  Knowing that I haven't picked up a book in 15 months or that I have only taken time to write three blog posts, which consisted of five words total between the three entires seems crazy!

With that being said, I want to make a resolution! Who says resolutions are only for the new year? So in true Amanda fashion I have made a list!

  • READ - I want to read and finish one book by the end of the year.  It pains me to say only one book, but I am taking baby steps here.  I used to read an average of three books a month!
  • WRITE - I want to post at least one blog post a week.  Now that I am a mother I theoretically should have more topics to write about, right?
  • PAMPER - Whether it be go shopping for myself, go get a massage or pedicure, or even give myself a pedicure I should at least be doing this once a week.  
  • Last but not least...BREATHE!
I don't know what it was but after typing this list I smiled! I smiled because I already feel that I am taking the steps to make me happy, which will in turn make my son and family happy.

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